We are a community of Christians based in Maidstone, Kent and the surrounding areas. We love family, we love our community and we love seeing people meeting Jesus and being made whole. Please take a look around and learn more about us.

We are a family that is always ready to have new members!

At The Vine we believe in everyone working together, with God, to see His kingdom come to Maidstone. All the things we do are run by different groups and teams.

Our mission: To love God, love others and make disciples, to go and grow.

Our calling: To be a God loving, Jesus living, Spirit empowered people, who make disciples as we visibly demonstrate God’s love and power in the world.

Our vision: To see thousands of people transformed by Jesus, added to His church, and joining Him in shaping their communities.

Our statement of faith:

What we do will always come out of what we most deeply hold to be true. Our actions will always follow our strongest beliefs.  Therefore knowing what we believe will help paint the backdrop to why we do what we do. If you have any questions then please do get in contact.